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Lynette Robinson BA(Hons), Dip NLP - Churchill Fellow of 2010 and Founder of Alternative Restoratives (2011-2014)

Between 2005 and 2010, Lynette worked with disaffected youth and families at both practitioner and project management level in both the education and youth justice sectors.

Experienced and qualified in restorative conference facilitation, both in victim/offender and family group conferencing welfare models, Lynette qualified with the International Institute of Restorative Practice (IIRP)) and Barnardos in 2007. Lynette has worked alongside juvenile justice professionals in New Zealand and America.

In 2008, Lynette identified a practice deficit area and family provision for parents experiencing teen violence, (whilst working in the juvenile justice system in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, UK). She combined her restorative practice skills with those of NLP and solution focused approaches to offer restorative family conferences, and encourage family ownership through an alternative to Parent Contracts, she called Family ABC's (Acceptable Behaviour Contracts).

In 2009, after identifying an established and evaluated parent-teen group working restorative model, called Step Up (in the US) Lynette began to consult with the programme authors Lily Anderson and Gregg Routt, and then went on to co-develop and deliver an 8-week pilot based on the core themes of the 'Step-Up' programme.

In 2010 Lynette was awarded a Churchill Fellowship to study the Step Up model in America. (You can request a free copy off her Churchill Report via the form below.

After returning from the US, Lynette left the public sector and founded Alternative Restoratives. She spoke at media events and presented at national and international conferences with the aim of raising awareness of this highly effective restorative model. Alternative Restoratives later developed professional training to support practitioners in setting up their own pilots in youth justice and family service teams across the UK.

In May 2011, Lynette, and 'Julie' (a mother who attended the UK pilot), spoke on BBC Radio 4 about the subject of teen violence against parents and the impact of this important intervention on strengthening family relationships and averting young people away from the criminal justice system.

BBC Radio 4 Teen violence against parents: Link to Woman's Hour (Friday 20 May 2011)

The UK pilot and American model, Step-Up, was featured in a workshop presented by Lynette and Step Up co-author, Lily Anderson, at the International Institute for Restorative Practices' 2011 World Conference, in Nova Scotia, Canada. (Direct link to the presentation: (Transforming Family Violence Through 'Teachable Moments': Working Restoratively with Teens Who Are Violent at Home). (Full conference link).

In 2013, the Step-Up programme was registered with the Effective Practice Library of the Youth Justice Board in London and Lynette decided to retire from this area of social contribution, to focus on writing, coaching, and inspirational speaking. See

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Interventions and Restorative Responses to Address Teen Violence Against Parents. (Winston Churchill Fellowship Report by Lynette Robinson.

Some thoughts by Terry O'Connell (Director of Real Justice) on Lynette Robinson's Churchill Fellowship Report:

"...I see your report as the most significant I have read in a long time." - Terry O'Connell


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